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Animation Services

Imagma delivers high-end animation services, whether it is for a show that requires cartoony character animation or photorealistic creatures.

A Collaborator

We offer services to studios that are seeking to raise the level of the animation in their CG productions.


Strong Character Performances

We create strong and believable performances that audiences engage with through, inter alia, natural movement, humour and authentic acting.

Feature Film Quality

We create stunning animation no matter the budget. Our animators have experience from working on international blockbusters as well as on films and other projects with more modest budgets.

Photorealistic Creature Animation

Quadrupeds, sharks, birds, snakes or a talking three headed cat? We have the experience from animating all kinds of creatures in various styles.

Previz and Layout

We have strong cinematographic skills. We know the dos and don'ts of animating CG cameras and can assist you in the pre-production stage of your production.

A Knowledgeable and Flexible Animation Studio

We have the experience, ensure smooth communication and can adapt to your project's pipeline.

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