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William Eckbo Avgerinos has been working in the film industry for nearly a decade, creating high quality animation for international blockbusters, such as Beauty and the Beast (Walt Disney Pictures), Mowgli (Warner Bros.) and The Secret Life of Pets (Universal Pictures).


He has also contributed with his animation to award-winning Norwegian cinema successes, including Captain Sabertooth and the Magic Diamond (Qvisten Animation), Two Buddies and a Badger – The Great Big Beast (Qvisten Animation) and many more.

William has years of experience as Animation Supervisor, leading teams of animators while collaborating with other departments within the productions. During the last eight years he has created animation for commercials, episodics and fourteen feature films. William has also created animation for films which were nominated for the Oscars, the Norwegian Amanda Awards and other awards. 

To view William's full filmography, please visit IMDb.

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Mattis Gaston Larsen.jpg

Mattis Gaston Larsen has extensive experience in creating visual effects for the film  industry, in addition to top international brands for the advertising industry. 


Mattis has created visual effects in The Martian (Scott Free Productions) and Doctor Strange (Marvel Studios). Both films were nominated for Oscar's for Best Achievement in Visual Effects. He has also contributed on major international feature films such as Avengers: Age of Ultron (Marvel Studios) and Beauty and the Beast (Walt Disney Pictures).


In addition, Mattis has created visual effects in award-winning Norwegian cinema successes, such as Bølgen (Fantefilm) and Skjelvet (Fantefilm). He worked on Troll (Motion Blur), which is the most streamed foreign feature film on Netflix – ever. Mattis' experience encompasses work as Compositing Supervisor at Gimpville on the South Korean feature The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure (Lotte Entertainment). Furthermore, he has experience with assisting directors as a VFX supervisor on set. 


To view Mattis' full filmography, please visit IMDb.

Mattis' showreel

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